Sunday, October 05, 2008

Food in Scotland

This is a bacon roll. It is a soft crusted roll buttered on both sides and filled with back bacon (Canadian bacon.) This is part of a Scottish breakfast. You might have either link or patty sausage, or hagis or black pudding on the roll piled with baked beans. I chose the most likable for the picture. We had porage every morning which is a refined oatmeal base made with milk and water.

Black pudding is blood pudding...use your imagination with that one. Hagis is made of sheep offal, primarily lung, and oatmeal and other fillers. It has a sweet taste and ground beef consistency. It comes wrapped in a sheep's stomach (now an edible casing) and is good when eaten with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes.)

I ate fish three nights in a row in restaurants....all were great (sea bass, broiled haddock, and fish (haddock) and chips.) Food is expensive there. You see the price on the menu as 9.95 (pounds) and you have to remind yourself that that is really $18. So add a side salad for 3.95 pounds and you have a plate of greens which costs $7.50. Oh well.

They made us fantastic soups...with potatoes and leaks as a base. They use lots of carrots and onions, too.

I have no drinking pictures, but Scots love their single malt whisky (no e used there), they drink wine and beer too. They are very aware of how much they drink and do not, or at least we did not observe anyone, drive after they drink. Somebody always stays sober.

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