Sunday, August 03, 2008

Home again

This is not the first time I have used this blog title...tells me something.

Got up early (4:00 a. Eastern) and headed to the airport. Ditched the car after 449 miles and 13 gallons of gas (that's 34.5 mpg) from our little Chevy Cobalt. Got our flights straightened out...since we almost missed our second leg in Seattle, they canceled the remainder of our itinerary... then flew to MSP. From there we waited and waited while our 757 was given a security sweep, which took about half an hour longer than they predicted. But off we phlue into the wild gray yonder. Got to PDX about 20 minutes late (11:20 a. Pacific).

We had a wonderful week...thanks, Jeff and Mary. Being able to interact with all that family was fun. So many little kids and the Polish festival, too. We saw Wes and M, Bob and D, then to top it off we has supper in Cutlerville with Duane and M, and Tom and B. We sat outside the restaurant in beautiful Michigan weather and talked almost four hours. Thanks to all the above for traveling to see us. It keeps us close.

The garden survived and we picked up Phrodo at the vacationing Amy and Bren's (California for a week or so) and have been putting the pieces back in place here ever since.

Lots of fun, but good to be home....again.

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