Saturday, July 19, 2008

Purrr-fect weather

Since I got back to Oregon last Monday, we have had some really great weather. It was hot while I was out East, but that left and upper 70s and low 80s came flooding in. It gets down to 50-55 at night and that is good for sleeping, too. All this and no AC!

I worked for four hours today for Love, Inc. hauling furniture and am whipped tonight, but hey, I have a great bed to lay my head on and that is more than some poor souls have to look forward to. All is well with the world.

The summers in the Willamette Valley are warm and dry and this one is no exception. Tuesday I leave for Louisiana (sweltering 94 today) for two days, but I get to come home quickly Wednesday evening if Continental Airlines cooperates.

Next Sunday, July 27 we take an overnight to Michigan by way of Seattle,Detroit and finally GR. I will own NW airlines after these flights. I am bordering on "Silver Elite" now and may make it to Gold by the end of the year with Scotland and Spain on the horizon. All that means is you can load first and don't have to pay extra for exit rows for a year (2009). I got that privilege in 2000 after my travels in 1999. Never thought I would see that again.

Looking forward to more humming birds on our Bee Balm during these bright summer days.

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