Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 11-12

I am not going to tell the stories over and over, but last weekend was an experience. These pictures on Flickr tell three stories. First, the story about the Rwandan family, second the story if the Kim family and third, the story about the Lutz family.

See the previous post to experience the Rwandans. The Kims are from Korea. Pappa, mother, James and John (Biblical not Korean names.) Jim helps Pastor Kim with his English so that he can preach to his congregants in understandable English. He also helps James with vocabulary as he competes in public school in Mr. Lebanon. Quite a kid, James. The Lutz brothers are self explanitory, I guess. I was able to travel to PGH for the weekend since I was in neighboring Warrendale for some training. I flew home Monday.

That's enough for now.....

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