Friday, July 11, 2008

From Warrendale, PA

The whirlwind is about over. I flew in to Pittsburgh last night for the final presentation...then...two days with family. Yea. But first the "actions."

Flying is not fun...if you haven't noticed; too many people and too many planes (not so fast, my friend). I finished Wednesday after noon, was whisked to the Manchester airport with less than an hour until my scheduled flight, and there I sat for six (count them slowly) hours. Too many planes flying in the Northeast, they said. There are side stories to that, but at 9:00 p.m. one other gentleman and I borded our "private" regional jet for the flight to New York's Newark airport. They needed the plane and the crew more than they needed revenue. No wonder airlines are going broke. I was glad I had a "driver" because between construction and flip, flop turns I would never have found the motel which was only 20 minutes away (once we got out of the airport.)

I was cautioned by everyone not to fly to Newark...and September, our group from Newberg is doing just that on our way to Scotland. That is another post, but I am hoping that things will change at the end of the summer.

Good meeting yesterday morning...then back to Newark airport with 1 1/2 hours to spare and there I sat again for another two hours....arghh. But the flight across Pennsylvania was beautiful; clear, green, just beautiful. I spied several features....Altoona, the Allegehny River at Brady's Bend, then dawn tawn Pixburgh.

So...this early Friday morning I write instead of sleep. Just one more presentation and then the weekend. The sobering thought is that I have two more flights come Monday, but not through Newark.

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