Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Mt. Lebo

I am not sure when this old, sophisticated suburb or Pittsburgh, locate in the South Hills, began to be called Mt. Lebo (short for Mount Lebanon), but I am now in the habit and can barely remember to spell it out. But here I are...early in the morning...writing as the sun shows the wonder of the back yard on Dan Drive.

Finished my work for the week at noon yesterday and Dave picked me up at the training site. Miij (Midge, ne: Mildred) prepared a lunch of delicious chicken salad croissant and fruit, which I wolfed (or in this cased woofed) down quickly. We had about two hours to visit and then Jim and Nancy arrived and a new round of discussions began...interspersed with deep belly laughs. Dave herded us out the door, as only a big brother can and should do, so we could make our reservation time and we motored to Woo's Taipei restaurant located on the the road to Mars.

Let me digress here. Mars was a sleepy rural town (and the burial place of many of our family) where our mother was born. Thus I give up the answer to a popular security question: "The city where your mother was born," which has always delighted me to be able to say...Mars. This community, today, does not resemble the way it was just a short few (make that 50) years ag0.

We had a great meal...three of us able to display our prowess with chop sticks...where the laughter continued. Dave and Miij are both walking with canes (they dubbed themselves the "Canaanite's"), but Jim had the handicap placard which allowed us to pull up to the front door. As we left (no liquor consumed) people watched us with looks of doubt and question, but I think they could see where the handicap existed, as in the brain, if not physical. Oh well.

We went back home and visited some more when I called my Mrs. in far away Oregon and put her on speaker phone to join in the fun. That was brief, but refreshing.

Jim, Nancy and I drove to Mt. Lebo, picked up the multi-cases of bells at the church and carefully stacked them in the "wagon" ready for Nancy's trip to the Pocono Mountains later this morning. Whew...the belz.

So here we are listening to the birds, drinking coffee and enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer with an agenda that is too long to even consider.

Stay tuned.

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