Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Boyne River is the heart of this area. It was named by an Irish immigrant named Miller after a river in Ireland. Then the names just proliferated by where the river meandered. Jeff, Mary and family live in Boyne Falls, which is only a blink on US 131. Five miles northwest is Boyne City which is on the southern-most tip of Lake Charlevoix and which is a fair sized little resort town (3,500 pop). We are staying in Boyne City.

Our home this week is a vacation rental, VRBO, that we spotted on the web last winter. It is cozy, no, make that very cozy. We are three long blocks from Lake C. just up the road from the shopping center which is on the road between BC and Charlevoix (which goes right past Young State Park). Anyway, our little hideaway is a double-wide which is outfitted to "the nines" inside. I was very impressed by the owners who have been easy to work with. The price is right since we are not on the water, otherwise it would be double the price.

Our first day/night was a good one. We both slept for 8 hours without stop...which is not normal. We were tired, of course, and it was very quiet last night.

Too bad I forgot our camera...yep, too many last minute decisions about packing and there it sits on my desk. So no pictures to tell the story.

So the Boynes abound in the "valley." In the meantime, I am going to try not to laugh, at least try to suppress it, when I see the signs for Boyne Mountain, the ski resort. I don't care how you cut it, it is not a mountain.

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