Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor Pachy

Poor Pachy
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Yesterday's Oregonian (Sunday Newspaper) took up the plight of the five elephants at the Oregon Zoo...and you know...I knew what the writer was talking about. The big creatures are enclosed in an acre and a half on the other side of this wall. They bring them in one at a time in the exhibit so usually only four are out there. The argument was made that the area is too small and confining.

This is Pachy a 44 year old male. He was born in captivity and does some tricks. They told us that keeps their minds working. The writer observed, as did we, that there was a lot of swaying and head shaking which indicates they are feeling constrained.

I feel for these guys. Yes, they live longer in captivity, but that is like saying somebody sent up for life in prison outlives his counterpart on the outside; life at what cost.?

Anyway, lots of zoos have given up on elephant exhibits for that very pen up these great beasts is unfair.

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