Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Pacific City

Every time we come here I realize, yet again, why we enjoy Pacific City so much. First off, it is perfect weather: clear, sunny, and warm enough as long as you are in the sun. But more importantly, PC is just downright, drop dead, beautiful.

We enjoy the Pacific, of course, but more than that it is the land forms that surround the ocean...and all of that facing west. Haystack Rock (there are several of them up and down the coast) dominates the western line of sight just a few hundred yards off the shore. The dunes (about 500-600 feet of pure sand) make up the northern horizon of the shoreline. Looking south, the beach curves around for as far as the eye can see in a beautiful panoramic crescent where beach meets ocean.

Aleene and I got here about three o'clock and quickly set up camp. In an mystical sort of way, the motor home seemed like a home coming. We are, after all, going on five years of camping in our home on wheels, living almost eight contiguous weeks in it two years ago. So it is not surprising that it feels like home. We made all the connections, got things level and set out for the beach and a chance to drink-in the beauty.

The weather forecast for the end of the week is for warm temps and clear skies. Temps in the Valley are due to hit 90-100 on Saturday; at Pacific City it will be 75. We are in the right place at the right time, or so it would seem.

The boys and their parents are due to show up on Friday afternoon for the weekend. That will be perfect timing.

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