Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blogging when I should be sleeping

Traveling across three time zones always disrupts my body clock. I went to bed at 10:00 (seven) and I went to sleep quickly (Aleene says its the BP meds), but 'long about 4:30 (one-thirty) I woke up....bling. I have breakfast plans with some of my buds this morning at 7:30 (four-thirty) and I don't have to be at the plant until 9:00 (six) because my presentation isn't until 1:00 (ten). By that time I will be ....zzzzz.

I am staying at the City Flats Hotel in Holland...on the corner of College and Seventh. It used to be a much needed parking lot. It is a block away from everything Holland (JP's, Villa Maria $$, Warm Friend :-( and The Bridge, Coldstone) I think you will agree those are Holland landmarks. The rooms in the Flats are big, not carpeted and up-scale ($$). On the fifth floor is a Bistro which I will sample tonight if I do not get any invites by my hosts. I thought about Russ' but with breakfast at Bob Evans and who knows what lunch will bring, I thought I would continue the not-so-Holland experience of the City Vu Bistro.

City Flats has an active bar. The parking lot was overflowing and lots of noisy folk were drinking when I checked in at 7:00 (four). After I ate at Villa Maria ($$) I walked down Seventh and thought to myself about the change that has taken place in Holland since we first moved into the area 36 years ago. The downtown is really up-scale and clean...many buildings have gone up, but the bullet holes (marks) still remain on Warm Friend reminiscent of the 1930 era bank robbery that took place on 8th Street. is 7:00 (four) and time for me to meet Wes and Company. I will check in later, if I can keep my eyes open....zzzzzzz.....oops, time to go

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