Saturday, May 31, 2008

The last day of May

I know I should be out at the campground, but I had to run in to the house to get a few things and check to see if my students were in dire straits with my on line class so I decided to do a quick post.

Asher is with us at Champoeg since Tru got the stomach flu on Thursday and continues to suffer a bit. They did come out for supper, but Tru ended up going back with his mom. Ashie, however, is having a ball. I will put pictures up on Sunday evening.

It is LUSH here. After the misty rain on most days, Friday turned out to be brilliantly bright revealing all the shades of green on the mountains, close by and further away. I mowed on Thursday while the grass was still wet so that I could get other things done on Friday (motorhome cleanup, etc.) ready to go to Champoeg. This is family camp weekend at church. There is so much early summer beauty here...even more than I saw in north central Wisconsin this week...although that was great too.

I head to Holland again on Tuesday and will be back Thursday. Other than the work, which is fun...these trips on airplanes are a bummer. Wait, rush, wait. Nothing new, just the same-o-same-o. Blaaah. I am racking up frequent flyer miles going back and forth.

The week after Holland is Colorado Springs, but that is another tale.

So here we sit on the cusp of June...and the summer. The landlord of the cottage in Boyne City called yesterday to confirm arrival and departure times for our visit there in July. So we must be getting close. She has a family begging to come in a bit earlier for the week following our stay. We are actually leaving a day early since we fly early in the morning from GR. So it was nice to deliver the good news to the young family with small kids. I guess I am glad we are not following them. Who knows?

Stay strong...and keep pumping that $4 gas. The price has doubled since we bought the motorhome. That is the topic of discussion among us campers. What we are going to do or not do based on the price of fuel? That's the way it is on May 31, 2008.

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