Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ides of May...Transitions

Here it is the middle of May and we are in the midst of change. We put our involvement in the school reading program to rest today. The SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program that Aleene and I both volunteer for ended for the school year. My two kindergarteners had cards for me (thanks to the coordinator) with our pictures on them. Both girls will struggle, perhaps, in their school careers. I hope we built some interest and understanding.

Tomorrow we leave for our five days in Michigan. It all begins with flying all day...yuk. We get into GR about 6:15...given luggage and car arrangements...we should be in Holland by 7:30.

Thursday I have a full day of training...and some overflow on Friday morning. I am meeting hospital folk at noon on Friday. Aleene and Marilyn will do lunch with school friends. Friday evening we anticipate seeing some friends. Saturday...maybe...we can see Jeff and Mary in Cadillac, but that is not certain. Sunday afternoon, we leave.

Amy had us over for dinner tonight. We played with the boys and as we were leaving Asher went running to his mother in a half cry saying, "Momma, I love Grammy so much." Whew that is powerful. He came to us for hugs. He does love his Grammy.

I took Truman for a haircut this afternoon after school. That is always a treat. We get to talk and have fun with that.

When we get back my extensive spring/summer travel season begins. I am preaching on the 25th, leave for Wisconsin on the 27th, family camp on the 30th and 31st and 1st (my confirmand joins church that day, too) Then I head for Holland a second time for three days. Oh yes, my on line class begins on May 21....in the middle of all that. I will stop there for now, but there is more travel, much more in June and July. We are driving the MH to the coast for a week the week before the 4th of July...It all finishes back in Michigan for a week at Boyne City the last week of July...too many plane trips.

We will get our camping time in with the boys, of course from time to time. But before you know it the summer will be over; transition from retired to on the go.

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SLB said...

I find at work retired people are harder to schedule because they are so busy! Tru & Asher are so lucky to have you there!