Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in Oregon

After a whirlwind five days going to and fro and staying in Michigan, we got back late last night. Late as in any time zone you wish to choose. We had good flights and no lost luggage and found the travel to bearable.
I will put pictures up...sometime, but that takes a few minutes and right now I have been enrolling my 21 students at George Fox in an on line version of a college course on Leadership. That takes some time. So out of the frying pan and into the fire.
But before I go any further....our thanks to Wes and Marilyn for hosting us and to Donnalu and Bob, Duane and Margot, Bob and Nancy, Hedy, Sam and Ada for making the effort to come and visit us....also, Lori, Kara and Brent with new one Hannah, Kelly (still barely a teenager) the college woman...and on and on.
We did get to spend two hours with Jeff and Mary in Cadillac on Saturday evening. That was good to do. Way too fast, though.
Aleene is off to FISH. She popped out of bed at six (after 4 hours sleep) and got her day going. She will be back at two.
But this post is about Michigan folk, I let me stick to that. Much has changed, yet nothing has changed in Holland. It looks great...big, wide roads...flat horizons...sun, wind, cool temps. The folks we met, above, plus the ones at church, including the high school graduates are all grown and older, somehow. I don't think that applies to us, however. Yea, right.
Fennville looked, fresh and mature (the trees are bigger.) So all in all it was a delightful journey. But...we are glad to back home in Oregon with summer-like temps. Winter is finally over.

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