Wednesday, April 09, 2008

There's my friend Grammy

We have been in and out of Amy's and Bren's frequently this week. Aleene walked over the other day (I followed a bit later after the news.) Asher saw her coming down the sidewalk and announced to his mom, "There's my friend Grammy." Yep, that she is. He gets lots of special time with his Grammy.

We took Tru to Red Lobster for supper. He misses out on lots of special things during the day when he is at school. Aleene clipped out a coupon and set it aside for a special trip to RL sometime kind of as a payback. Red Lobster is Tru's favorite. Last night was the time.

He ordered the kids crab legs, which consists of lots of broccoli, a drink, and five full size snow crab legs...with hot butter, of course. He had a piece of their signature roll, a fairly healthy portion of apple sauce and was consuming his drink when the main course came; got his own cracker and all. We never heard another thing from him...ate all the crab legs, begged some additional hot butter from Grammy and proceeded to eat his large serving of broccoli assiduously dipping each flower into the butter. Then he ate a kids' sundae which was clearly an adult size, albeit smaller than a large adult serving. Whew, that boy ate.

When we got into the car he asked for a Mento, which he knows we keep in the console. "Where are you going to put it? You must be really full," we both asked. "Oh I always have room for a Mento," was his reply.

So we enjoyed our evening meal with Truman at RL in Beaverton, Tuesday. He didn't say it quite like Asher, but in his way he allowed as how he might never have crab legs quite so good ever again...thanks to his friend, Grammy.

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SLB said...

Grammy's are the best!! Bradley graduated off the kids menu a couple years ago ... I miss those days ;-) Active boys can really eat!!