Friday, April 11, 2008

Summer in April

What beautiful weather we are experiencing...mid 70s and blue skies.

The spring work-list looms large on the first summery days. Spruce up the bark, edge the yard, revitalize the gardens...even mow the grass (I have been mowing, once a month, but it is growing faster now...once a week is now in order.)

Bren has a Chevy S-10 that is older than I care to know, but it runs and has a bed liner, so it holds things like bark and sand. Off to the rental place I went (they sell topsoil, mushroom compost, several types of bark, etc.) The truck handles like a truck to begin with, but put a yard of material in that little bed and it becomes a real challenge to steer.

An hour later and multiple wheelbarrow loads spread, I threw myself down for a rest and a glass of tea. But oh, the joy of it.

That was Friday. Yesterday I devoted myself to putting 12"x12" pavers along side the driveway to give us just a bit wider ingress and egress. That required some heavy duty sod cutting. Ugh. Two hours later I threw myself down for a rest and consumed my third glass of tea. But oh, the joy of it.

This morning as we walked up on campus (seventies are promised again today, Sunday) the hot air balloons were swarming overhead as the balloonists are showing off their colors, too.

I still have lots of spring-list items to complete, but that will take another day. And you got it...oh the joy.

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