Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One class done...others to follow

Last Thursday was the last day of class...the HR class I have been teaching for the last seven weeks. Wednesday, I begin a two day seminar on workplace mediation at Lake Oswego (just outside of Portland.) I do this for my colleague, Dan Dana.

Ten years ago I attended a conference in Toronto...one of the few that I enrolled in the 14 years at Hart & Cooley. It was on workplace mediation. It had quite an impact on me because ten years later...after using Dr. Dan's techniques in the workplace for five years, teaching for him is consistently the one thing that I have done since I left my day job at the hospital. This is my 15th conference in the last five years. I face eleven people on Tuesday. I have been prepping for it today.

As I noted in my last post, I bought a Mac Book computer last week. I have been switching files and practicing with it all day. I am beginning to really enjoy the flexibility of a Mac. It doesn't hurt to have Bren and Amy a phone call away to help me with short cuts. The Mac is crisp and clear and easy to use. It has tremendous power so it is very responsive...and...it is small and light.

I enjoy the format of these "cercons" (certification conferences.) It is a series of power points and videos (.mp4) that do the teaching. I lead the discussion and keep them focused on the material. The thing is that workplace mediation works, which makes it easy to present.

My friend in Holland has scraped up five other presentations for me to do around the country this spring and summer, so I will put the Mac to good use....it is easy to cart around....small and light.

This Mac is the 10th computer I have purchased since 1978. I remember counting up the number of cars that I have owned over the years and lost count at 16. It is almost that bad with computers.

So the summer will be filled with travel, or so it appears. But that is good. We are on the list to go to Scotland for ten days starting the end of September...and then the cruise from Barcelona in November. Our pass ports will finally get used again. I guess with all the travel my GFU career could be said to be...small and light.

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