Monday, February 11, 2008

The day before parents come home

When the long awaited day comes; the day parents return from a long trip and you have extra energy and enthusiasm. It is a good thing it was nice out Sunday afternoon. There was lots of energy and dead time to deal with. The sun shone and the thermometer soared to 55 degrees.
The boys went to church with us and they did a great job sitting in the pew and entertaining themselves quietly. I had my robe on and got up and down for choir stuff (Aleene stayed put). Asher was intent upon identifying everything purple, but he did well.

After church I grilled chicken. I did not have my camera outside then, but the boys love chicken and I was feeding them tid bits as the little morsals would finish cooking. The cry was for more, more, more.

After lunch and after Asher's brief nap, we moved outside for soccer, football and Star Wars. I got the camera for Star Wars. That is what you see Tru doing with the sticks. Asher was just busy trying to keep up with brother.

When we moved inside there was an intent Lego party, and at last time to go home to get into their own beds. Aleene stayed with them until Mom and Dad made it home sometime after midnight. Ah, yes, another successful time with the boys.

Next up? A road trip to Arizona. Yikes we have lots to do to get ready for our Wednesday morning departure.

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Brendon said...

Thanks for the help, Grammy and Pappy! :-)