Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We got off to a great start this morning at about 7:30. There was no fog and only a sprinkle of rain. We got to Ashland at about noon and over the Siskyou pass (4200 feet) shortly thereafter. There was snow from 3000 feet up, but none on the road. The drifts on the berm were about 3 feet. And sun, did I mention it was 50 degrees and pure sun? On the California side of the pass Mt. Shasta was immediately in view. Aleene took over the controls for about 75 miles while I napped...too much sun. My sleep was only sporadic. (LOL)

We made it to Williams, CA...about 50 miles north of Sacramento. We hope to get a good start tomorrow and through S after the rush hour. We are thinking we should be in Lake Havasu City by tomorrow night.

While the temp topped out at 63 today, it was very windy and the air seems colder than that.

That's about it for now... I'm thinking that it may be early to bed tonight.

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