Monday, January 07, 2008

The Sunshine State

Yesterday we ventured to the beach. We had to see the Atlantic since we were at the Pacific looking for whales earlier last week. As we drove east it became more and more cloudy. Then the rain started...Pacific Northwest type rain...fine and misty. It let up long enough for us to buy our lunch and eat outdoors at a cabana at the edge of the beach. It was great. We jumped back in the car and drove through the mist, again for about the first 20 miles...then sun breaks...just like home.

Today is bright and sunny...expected high 80 and we are driving north today. Jan, Gary, Doug, Jodi and Cooper are at Disney World and we are going to intersect for supper. They are at Kissimmee in a condo. We are looking forward to that.

After our walk this morning to Elephant Walk...our old hang out...we decided tomorrow will be pool day. Wednesday we think we will head to Ft. Meyers for the weekend. Willie and Dana are both working so we have the run of the playground here.

Oh, the weather forecast? Upper seventies with just a chance of rain on Saturday...we know this since one of the meteorologists is a W MI trans plant who is doing the weather out of the NBC channel in Tampa. Thank you Mace. We will see if you learned any thing from Craig and the boys in GR.

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