Saturday, January 05, 2008


We flew overnight through Huston, Texas, landed in Tampa Friday morning and motored to Sebring arriving in the mid afternoon. Smooth sailing (so to speak.) I actually stayed awake until bed time, too. Today was different, however, it is late afternoon and I already have had two naps. But that is not why I am posting.

We ate at our favorite place, R J Gators, for lunch enjoying their all you can eat Conch Chowder and tossed salad. The salad is much like Olive Garden, which is a favorite of mine. So, after two bowls of chowder and two bowls of salad we went over to the raceway to see our old haunt. Wouldn't you know, they were racing today. The little Formula Atlantic cars (Willie and I got a grand tour of one when we were last here so we know of which we speak) were tearing around the raceway, so we watched for about half an hour. We really lucked out because usually they are practicing with just a handfull of cars, but today there must have been 25 or 30 cars running...and while it was still practice, they were racing, as in jockying for position, etc. and doing some fancy cornering.

We walked this morning too and took one more nostalia trip by going past our former campsite on Elephant Walk Lane. The RV part was almost full, so some are enjoying the ambiance of Tanglewood like we did two short years ago.

Yep, Sebring is like we remembered it.

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