Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A weekend with the boys

We kept the boys this weekend...Amy and Bren were in Vaccaville, CA celebrating his big 4-0 with his mom and uncle who share the same birth date. It seemed like a big task going in...two whole days, but it turned into a fun adventure. The boys stayed here...we didn't stay at their house.

Friday night Aleene put the boys down and about 1:00 a.m. Asher cried and Aleene brought him into bed with us...boy, that was fun. He moves around so much so that Aleene left our bed and I had the thrill of sleeping (?) with him the rest of the night.

Saturday, I had the task of playing soccer parent. Tru and I went to the park..."Do you know where you are going?" he asked as we drove north on College..."Is this the right street?" We made it to the park early and I got to witness the interaction of six year olds. He is growing up and he handles himself quite well in social settings. In exchange, he gets lots of support from the other kids and parents. He had his own cheering section.

Sunday, Aleene and Tru went to Sunday School and I kept Asher. He crawled up on my lap while I was reading the paper and watching the pre-football shows...and we had a great discussion. He was ready to go when it came time for us to meet Tru and Aleene for church. I sang in the choir while Aleene had the boys with us in the pew...they were so good.

Frodo was here too...which was good for all concerned. The dog eats better when the boys are here.

They were happy...so happy to see their parents when they got here...in fact Tru was at his cousin's playing...so it was Asher who was looking out the window for his mom (with Frodo).

Amy reported today that last night they heard Asher whimpering. The boys sleep in bunk beds in the upstairs bedroom. Bren headed up to see what was up. He found Asher sitting on the landing crying softly as he said, "I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to wake up Truman."

He will be three next month.

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