Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A wolf in the bush

Asher is becoming more and more verbal these days...cut little utterances come out from time to time. Monday we went over to the big park in town where Tru was doing his first day of sports camp. Lots of moms were standing around while their six and seven year olds queued up to listen to their coach for the week. Amy and I were talking and Aleene was holding Asher when he rather loudly said, "Look Grammy, there's a wolf in the bush." We all wondered what on earth he was talking about. And, lo, about 75 yards across the field was a yellow cat coming into view from under the hedge. He repeated his discovery several times, but would not be convinced it was a cat not a wolf.

Ah, the innocence of children. When is the last time you saw a wolf in the bush?

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