Monday, July 23, 2007

Back on the river

I had the opportunity to raft the Rogue River in Southern Oregon again this weekend. There were eight of us in three boats this time. We did not have accommodations in a lodge the first night this time, so we slept out. Neat. No bear, no mosquito, no problem.

Got my first taste of 63 degree water one hour out as we went down the middle chute of Rainey Falls. Two of us came out of the boat, but no injuries just a lot of quick heart beats and spitting and sputtering. My partner, Larry who is 77 lost his glasses, but other than that, we did ok. That was the last moment of terror.

Saturday evening we saw a bear about 80 yards away while we were relaxing on the porch of the lodge. Cool. They able about and check things out to see what the food situation is. We saw eagle (bald and golden) and osprey.

Had it is off to Tru's birthday dinner and packing for evening departure tomorrow. See you in Pittsburgh.

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