Monday, July 02, 2007

Back in Michigan

The plane was crowded...I was sitting on an aisle seat and there was a blanket of scattered clouds so I couldn't see much...but I knew when we crossed over Lake Michigan when I caught a glimpse of the shoreline extending north. I couldn't see much else after that except trees and roads. I forgot how flat Michigan is. We landed in Detroit on time. I am in Livonia getting ready to do a two day seminar at Borg-Warner (remember the Indy 500 trophy?) where they make clutch plates and drive chains, etc.

Good flights in...two hours to Denver, two and a half to Detroit. That is the way to traverse the country! The sleep thing is the problem. Other than having noisy neighbors that woke me up and wrong number at my midnight on the cell phone...I slept well.

Coffee is ready...I will write more later.

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SLB said...

Welcome to Michigan!!