Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was one of those ok days...Aleene came down with a bug right after church. Amy and her men were here...we went ahead and ate, but poor Aleene took to the comfort of a comforter trying to get warm. I decided to take some pictures to update the grounds.

In the front...I took this one a couple of months ago when things were barely starting to color up. The front grass is in better shape and the rhodos are blooming, as are the other numerous, foxglove, bleeding hearts, azaleas...and on. In the back I tried to show the veggie garden she has cultivated as well as the new grass that covers the horrible condition of the ground post construction. The deck is coming along, but needs to be painted before we go too much further into the spring. But MD 2007 is a colorburst.

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