Friday, May 11, 2007

It's been a week

Since I last posted life has accelerated here in OR. The temps have hit seventy plus every day and the grass, roses, rhodos, azaleas, wisteria, and about every other flowers you can think of have exploded.
Three days of school this week. On Wednesday and Thursday I led my mediation seminar in Portland. I really enjoy those meetings. I feel blessed to be spouting out secrets of dealing with conflict effectively without having to deal with the type of conflict the participants describe any more. The people representing the organizations this week certainly come from some conflicted places. I better not name them because nothing leaves the internet once it is published. Suffice it to say you would recognize several of the names. They were a good group and I hope what I had to say helps them.
I was back in school today and believe it or not, the kids (well, some) were glad to see me come back...each for their own reason.
Tonight, Aleene and I toured a local/organic grocery in McMinnville. It is a small supermarket which features only local and/or organic produce and meat. It has lots of Asian items and many bulk nuts, flower, grains, etc. We bought a few things, but nothing fresh since we were headed for our Friday night haunt...Calamity Jane's. It has taken me a year not to say Clementine's after visiting that favorite spot in South Haven for almost 30 years. C.J. is down the road from us and serve big salads.
I need a day off. Sunday I preach at Sheridan UMC. My retired preacher friend and his wife are visiting their son in Canada and he asked me to fill in. The church there is about the size of Fennville UMC. Ed has been filling in there for a year and has told the DS that he is through after Conference. We will see. He said that last year too.
After the services there, Amy and I are planning a Sunday dinner without Aleene having to get involved back here in Newberg. Aleene is giggling at us (me) as we plan this event. Amy is hosting a get together at her house for breakfast Sunday morning of all the Connelly women/family. I told her it is the thought that counts...of course, isn't it always?
Still loving our addition. Tuesday our contractor hung the first of three screen doors for us. This one in the spare bedroom. Now when folks come to visit in the heat of summer, they will get some ventilation. We took a window out in that room to put the door in, so we needed to do something. The other two will get done in time (we have one of the doors now that matches the one we hung.) It is nice to drop right out on the deck without having to negotiate a closed door.
It was great driving into Portland this, clear and little traffic for me. Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens were both visible. It got into the 70s both days by the time I was driving home. Not sure why the traffic was so favorable both days, both ways, but I'll take it.
This next week is quiet, so until then.....

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