Monday, April 16, 2007


It was back in the classroom today...after 21 1/2 years. I sounded like a broken record as my band of tutors asked me why I wanted to be back in the classroom after such a long hiatus. I am not sure what they heard me say, but I tried to express my feelings in terms of having a positive influence on young people. I think they understood. I have to say they were sweet...both boys and girls. Most are seniors headed off to college...the majority headed for UO (ducks) and a couple of engineers going to OSU (beavers). But one guy was headed to the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Industry to study architecture. He liked the PA connection.

Actually, I have a math resource room with 3-5 student tutors assigned each hour. Kids come in for make up, remedial help and to take tests. Not a bad deal.

Our old bathroom floor did not get completed when the installer balked at putting new material on what he thought was a bad sub-floor. The owner guy showed up at the end of the day and dug down and found the floor to be sound; just fifty years of crud around the toilet. Owner will be back tomorrow to install the floor...with apologies. He wants our business. The next project is the kitchen floor and he knows it. Aleene has to handle the workmen now.

Colonoscopy I will miss my first day of work just a few days into the new job. I will probably need the rest after three consecutive days.


bob s said...

Good for you. Enjoy the kids. Maybe you can be the HR person next year. :>)

Tom said...

I don't think so. Aleene has threatened to travel alone if I am not available...this is a short term thing.