Thursday, April 12, 2007

Change...I love it.

We have been telling locals that come Monday, Pappy will start yet another career. This time as an Instructional Assistant in math at Newberg High. The deal was finalized today as we ventured to Salem to be finger of two places open all day at the end of the week.

I have been pondering what I would like to spend my daytime hours doing, now that the house is finished, and this opportunity presented itself. I do not want to speculate, but the HS principal saw the opportunity to get me on the cheep and do some things with kids and staff. I, of course, had to take the bait, nibble, then swallow the hook, but, hey, there are only eight more weeks until school is out. He and I agreed to reassess after school is over to see what the future holds. But the HR person has signed me up as a perm and wants to give me benefits. Some folks would kill for that and I want to duck it since we have the MERP program working for us quite smoothly right now.

My retired buddies think I am crazy, but the two women I respect most...Aleene and Amy...have been nudging me to go for it. So I did and NHS liked what it saw. The HR lady is retiring this year and asked some really probing questions as if to question my sanity. But I have been away from school for almost 22 years and from day to day work for about three years now, so while I have the energy...albeit waining...I want to give it one more go.

I will let you know how it goes.

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