Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunny March Day is beautiful out today...mid sixties, sunny...and we are inside painting; after church, that is. The one thing we said we would (could) do in the is rehab process is paint. I have hammered some nails, of course, but we took the responsibility to do all the painting. So like the lean building team we are, we have this "just in time" concept down to a science. Two coats on the ceiling (my job) two coats rolled on the walls (also mine) but all the trim is up to my partner. She has the steady hand and the discerning eye. By trim I am referring to those places where two colors meet. The window and door trim is the stuff that comes primed, but has to have a finish coat on it...again, mine. Just finished with the umpteenth piece of trim...note the picture with all the trim laying around.

This is the long dimension of the new room. You can see the old floor in the fore ground and the saw-horses are on the new part with the closets in the background (the closets are 13 feet from side to side.) The bathroom is to the left.

Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera gave out after I took this pix so you get not to look at the BR. It is hard to photograph anyway...just can't back far enough to see detail.

The highlight of this week was the electrician hooking in all the lights, fixtures, etc. We now have electricity front and back and lights every where. An the biggie is heat. Neat little wall fixture that is wave of the future with our little house. Most likely will put these units in the rest of the place and put the ceiling heat to sleep. But it will take another day.

This week's schedule includes window and door trim installation, underlayment on the floor and sheet goods in the BR. Next Monday we get the carpet. Not sure when the plumber gets here. He was in Mexico this week.

The yard still needs attention, the fence has to be reinstalled and there is lots of exterior painting to do (soffet and facial boards not covered by rain gutters.)

We go to Champoeg State Park on Wednesday for a few days in the MH. Tru will be going with us. He is anxious to get out in the camper. I will have to run in daily for things here...but Spring Break is at hand and one better take advantage. Amy, Bren and the boys are in Pac City for the day and night...we have Frodo. He no like to with the Pappy stay nights. We will see.

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SLB said...

Everything is looking great!! Have a great time camping!