Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Break.....

We spent the past four days at Champoeg State Park. I have written about Champoeg before. Historically, it is the site where the English/American settlers got together to form a government for the Willamette Valley. They outnumbered the French speakers by one or two and thus petitioned the U.S. government for recognition. Besides that, it is a beautiful park right on the banks of the Willamette. It is only five or six miles from Newberg, which is great because it allows some running back and forth to take place.

Typically, we stay in the newer part, but only because that is where we started out two years ago. The older part, near the yearts, is quite wooded and is a pleasant place, but the sites are much closer together. So we stay closer to the river and with easy walking distance of the paved path that runs along side the river and over to the town of Butteville.

Truman was with us all the days and his folks and brother came out for supper twice. The first picture is of the Honda...well, I ditched that in a hurry when the ranger told me that it would be an extra five dollars for a second vehicle at the site if it wasn't a towed vehicle. The Jeep soon appeared with its towing hooks plainly visible and then everything was hunky dory. Aleene and I both had to run back and forth for one thing or another...get mail, supervise inside work, blood test, church drama practice...we just were busy little beavers.

In fact we were to stay there tonight too, but we came home since we have mega painting to do before the carpet gets laid on Monday afternoon. It is nine o'clock and we just finished priming the four closet coat tomorrow.

Tru is cute, of course, and fun to be with. He has his little life all figured out. He gets 24 hour attention from Grammy and about 18 hour attention from me, if you know what I mean. He told me: "...this is fun, going camping with your grandparents, you get to do lots of stuff." If you asked him to define stuff, it might include, catch (or chase, which is what I do when he hits,) scooter riding ( or coot as Asher calls it,) eating known favorites, playing dominos, being read to, watching a DVD that Grammy produces at just the right time...and then, showering in the camper, playing cars, entertaining family...and watching them go home while you continue to lead the Life of Riley. Yes, stuff, is fun.

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SLB said...

Nothing better than getting to do lots of cool stuff! ;-)