Friday, February 09, 2007 pictures

We made lots of progress this week on the house. But I didn't make any pictures. We got three new doors and a huge bedroom window to show for our aches and pains. The both the front and back decks got finished. Real, tangible progress. Next week we will be focusing on the interior. The bedroom wall is starting to come down already. I will shoot some pictures in a day or two.

The weather has been spring-like. It hit 60 degrees today and the sun was out most of the day. That is all good news for the building project.

Jan's dad died this week. They were in Hawaii and flew from the tropics to the hard winter in Michigan for the funeral.

Ed was a real buddy of mine. He worked for several years at Hart & Cooley and retired before I got there (21 years ago) but he would come in to see his friends there and always looked me up. We had lots of acquaintances in common and he could spin the yarns of some of the characters with the best of them.

We had supper together several times when Aleene was out and about...mostly on her Habitat trips and he would fill me in on the lore of Holland and what was happening with some of our common friends. But mostly he like to talk about his family. He was very proud of all of them.

He was living with Tom in Hart. He had his own apartment in Tom's house and got to Holland frequently to eat breakfast at the Windmill and coffee at BK. He spent November in Arizona and when he took sick earlier in the year Micki and Jodi made a trip to Michigan with their kids to pay what proved to be one last visit. I am sure that warmed his heart.

I will miss Ed. He was a member of the Holland backbone that defined all the good things about the community.

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SLB said...

I got the pleasure to know Mr. Pelon at work. He was a very sweet man!!