Monday, February 05, 2007


This past weekend 21 of to the Pacific Coast to Rockaway, Or for a spiritual retreat. The view of the ocean is right out my window...the room in which I give you perspective. The group foto is a meal with a portion of the group. Is that a beer bottle? Yes, some of the guys had wine and beer, but that was not the focus. Our leader was the youthful looking young man, a PhD in Middle East Cultures who did a wonderful job on comparative perspective of Muslums and Christians. What a great experience it was. I now better understand the Qur'an or Koran and its very close tie in to the Jewish and Christian scriptures.

We ate, and studied, walked the beach and ate some more. The host was a man in our group whose sibs each own a cottage in the compound...there are three owned individually and one...the one we are in in this picture...that is owned jointly. Their parents were far sighted enough to purchase land and build and rebuild cottages right on the ocean. If a sunami out, but other than that, it was beautiful; about 50 degrees and some mist at times. It is 85 miles from Newberg, so an easy drive.

Pappy had a simple service of devotions following the academic part and I think everyone was glad they went. All this for $30 each. Amazing. I really have come to enjoy the fellowship of this goup.

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