Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 1 on trip to AZ

Got as far as Lodi, CA (between Stockton and Sacramento) today as we took off for sunny Arizona. Weather was clear the whole fact, the sun was shining once we left the Willamette Valley. I slept when we traversed the highest pass on the journey...Siskiyou in Southern Oregon. We stopped for lunch in Grants Pass and Aleene took the wheel for an hour or so. When I awoke we were coming down the summit in sun with a clear view of Mt. Shasta, the 14+K foot behemoth of the Cascade range located about fifty miles into California. From there on it was sunny and warm with the temp getting as high as 64 at one point.

We made about 650 miles in about 11 hours including stops...good first day. We hope to get into Phoenix tomorrow evening.

We love our Honda...getting about 29 mpg over two tanks...not bad. Love the outdoor thermometer...makes you feel in touch with nature....well, sort of.

Wireless internet at our Microtel here tonight and we even have three homeless people camped out under our second floor window...sleeping bags in place. Poor souls, one is in a wheel chair.

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