Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall in the Valley

We had a hard frost last night...the first, I think, this year. Our thermometer said 27. But it is as clear as a bell here. Portland (25 miles away) was in fog for most of the morning, however.

The reason this is significant is because I needed to get some antifreeze in the water system of the Motor Home. We did not do it last winter when we pulled in because my MH mentor, here, said he never uses antifreeze. So I hung with him and we had to replace a faucet in the spring. So I made sure I left all the spigots open and poured some RV antifreeze in the drains. We drained the systems...and I think that should do it. This gave me a chance to drive the CRV over to Mac-ville. Coming back the volcanoes were very visible. We still marvel at the majesty of Mt. Hood.

Just so you know, I started mowing the lawn again. It was dormant from June through most of October (as in brown) and is now growing again. I only mowed this summer to keep the ugly stuff short. The leaves are beginning to fall...far from complete, but the colors are predominantly green with all the Douglas-fir in the mix. The Doug-fir is the state tree and is the one you see on our license plates. It is not a true fir, therefore the name is hyphenated. These suckers grow very tall. They are eclipsed by the Sitka spruce in a forest, but they are hard to tell apart. The Sitka is more likely to be seen in the latitudes even further north than we are. I went through EMT training with a deputy from Allegan named Sitka. His nickname should have been Tall Timber and not mine. At the time I never knew such a tree species existed.

I joined the CPRD (sounds like bird flu) swimming pool and gym...I think I mentioned that. I have been going there in the mornings to pump some iron. I would like to shed a few pounds since the belt lines are tightening. I meet interesting "older" people there. Have you ever seen a women work out with a fur head band on? That was my treat this morning.

We got hit with a barrage of cedar spoors several times in the past week. I know males of any species can be aggravating, but really...all this pollen? Really? On our new car?

I got the go ahead this morning from my master in KC to do Portland in two weeks. That means there are enough people to hold the conference. There is a nice sized group registered with room for about three more. Cool. Aleene has already alerted me that I will be driving the Jeep to Portland...not the CRV.

We are working on a Christmas musical in choir. Dick, our leader, asked if I would be willing to sing the male lead in one song..I very cautiously agreed. While I still enjoy singing, I am a bit timid about having to belt out something new that I have not sung before. We have a CD to practice with. I just need to spend the time with it.

I also am taking a class through Franklin University (located in Columbus, OH.) They have all their new adjunct faculty take this class on distant learning. I understand it is a pain. There is work with it, as in papers to write and get graded on, etc. (I will be teaching HR stuff on line with them in the future.) The good thing is that if you successfully complete this class you get paid for taking it. So that is cool. I love little bits of money coming in from time to time...that is our mad money. Next thing you know, Aleene will want to go on a cruise to Alaska. Why not?

We were considering taking the MH there, but the more I read and correspond with folks who have done it (there is a big network) you really age your equipment on a 35 day jaunt. So we are leaning toward a cruise and tour package. Not sure, just yet. I do want to get to Denali and fly around Mt. McKinley. Everything else would be gravy.

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