Friday, October 27, 2006

Catching up

We noticed this week that our favorite breakfast place, French Bear, has morphed into an upscale lunch and dinner place. Yuck. We knew they sold it, but we met the new manager and she, of course, did not indicate the change. Monday the sign was up.

The Yamhill County mediators are training a new batch of mediators. They ask experienced folk to serve as coaches for the role plays. So I volunteered. Then at the last minute they asked me if I would to a two hour session on Cultural Differences. Today I spent the afternoon preparing a Power Point for tomorrow's meeting. We will have fun.

Yesterday Aleene and I spent the afternoon in Wilsonville. We bought a new Honda CR-V over there. Nice vehicle. Aleene cleaned out the garage enough to get it inside. So now we have one inside and one outside.

Tomorrow night the UMM (men's group) is hosting a dinner for the exchange students at the High School and at Fox. I have to get on over there and help set up. Aleene will meet me there for dinner. Yeah, then we turn the clocks back an hour. Sorry you don't get the extra hour of sleep Gary...just remember that we are now an hour's difference.

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