Friday, August 11, 2006

Pacific City in August

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Where in the Pacific Northwest are we?  If you guessed the Pacific Coast, you would be correct. Specifically, we are at Pacific City, OR in a RV park. You will have to wait until we get back next week to see a record of what we did.  

Tru is with us and his family will pull in tomorrow evening (Friday). They will go back to Newberg on Saturday, while Aleene and I lounge around here for a few days and enjoy The Great Outdoors.
It is 63 miles from Newberg to Pac City…a nice drive through the lower mountains of the Coast Range. Oh yes, the weather is perfect “coast weather” which means upper 60s in the day and 50ish at night. Our furnace is our best friend at night. The water is about 60 degrees…good for Bob Swartz and few others without a wet suit.

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nls said...

You're right about that - Bob would love it!