Sunday, August 27, 2006

Going camping

Champoeg…sham-poo-ee, is how it is pronounced….is a State Park located about seven miles from here. We are going to load up and take Truman over there for three days. Got to get this done before school starts. We will bike and hike and fish. While the weather is hot today (90) it is supposed to cool off Tuesday so we will see. Amy has a school meeting so Mr. Asher will be with us that day too. Should be fun.

Rod Hill, the meteorologist formerly from Kalamazoo, says we will be getting rain Tuesday and Wednesday....great...that means inside stuff those days.

Champoeg does not have WiFi, so we will be off line for a while. Cell phones do work there, however. This is the place we stayed a year ago when we were here staying in the motor home.

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