Friday, June 23, 2006

Welcome to Pacific City

Here we are in our own “cottage” at the Pacific Ocean. After four months in mothballs, we fired up the Conquest and headed west. What a delightful experience.

We have been preparing for this week at the coast for several days. Bags of clothes, bedding, dry food items and finally today, fresh and refrigerated items made it into the right spot at noon Thursday.

We had one casualty to repair after the winter/spring storage. The faucet in the kitchen part of the motor home must have frozen and lifted off its seat. My suspicions were confirmed when we brought the coach to the house to get fueled and load some water into the fresh water tanks. My storage guy, Gary, replaced it on the fly today and we were good to go.

The road from McMinnville to Pacific City traverses about 55 miles through the Coast Range. The sun was shining and the old familiar sights and sounds were everywhere. We have spent so much time in this thing the last two years, it is truly a home away from home.

We rolled into Pac City at 2:00 after an hour’s ride. By 3:30 we were walking the beach. The RV Park is right across the street from the public beach and the Pelican brew pub where a week ago we supped on clam chowder with Jan and Gary.

We are here for a week of relaxation just when the valley is supposed to get five days of 90+ weather. The weather-guys are calling for 70s here at the coast. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Amy, Bren and the boys will be here tomorrow evening for the weekend and if Tru is still up to it, he will stay with us until Wednesday.

We have our bikes, ball gloves, and our walking shoes…our piece of heaven overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Friday morning...

Watched them put Dorys in the ocean this morning at about six a.m. Quite a sight. I will write more later.

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