Friday, June 23, 2006


Jeff knows this, of course, he was here a couple of years ago when we spent a week at the Pacific. Well, JS, they are still here in force. I counted 15 of them within sight of our camp last night when I went out for the final stroll, sans Rose.

Several years ago, someone here in Pac City turned some domestic (multi-colored) rabbits loose. The locals befriended them and low they proliferated. So as you drive into notice these black, brown, white, calico, bunnies just hopping around eating grass. The campground we are in actually fences off certain beds, or gardens, to keep these critters at bay.

"Do you care for them?" I asked the proprieter. "Heck, I hate them," she said. "They only thing they do is breed. That 's what they are best at."

This morning when I got up to watch the Dory launch, there were five nibbling on the grass within steps of the camper. They stay away from you, but you can tell they are used to humans.

What a beautiful day....Portland is to be in the nineties this weekend...approaching 100 and the high for Pac City is predicted at 84. Just the right time to be here. I gotta say, however, that the temp outside was 44 degrees this morning. Aleene is still in the warmth of the MH (our furnace was on several times last night.) But heat in the day is good....we have so much we want to do.

The kids come out tonight for two days....yes. More excitement.

I will write the Dory story later.

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