Monday, June 19, 2006

Stepping out of a whirlwind

Jan and Gary just left after almost a week here (pictures in previous blog) and I have not written about all that we did.

Having guests for the first time in a new area is a bit daunting. You never know what the folks will really want to see or do...then, there is so much here to show...where do you start? Fortunately, the weather was OK, but not clear and sunny. We did not get rained out, but neither could we see Mt. Hood from afar which is a priceless scene nor could we shed our jackets at the coast, which is possible in the summer. But we didn't let that stop us.

Fortunately, they like to walk, so there was lots of that to do...Champoeg State Park, Multnomah Falls and Horse Tail Falls and George Fox's track every morning. But we did get to drive up to the ski lodge at Mt. Hood (6000 ft) and walk around in the snow. It was a cool day, but we did get a glipse of the top (11,240 ft) on the winding road to the lodge so you can see the majesty of the old valcano.

Thursday we went to the coast for walks, clam chowder and a long drink of the beauty of the Pacific Coast. Oh yes, we stopped at Tillamook for cheese and ice cream. Driving through the Coast Range is a treat in itself, at least for me.

Friday we went to Seattle to see Jodi, Doug and Cooper. They were in Snohomish (Doug's home town) visiting his family. They graciously escorted us to Pike's Place and the outdoor market which everyone has to see at least once in a life time. They were not throwing fish as much as the last time Aleene and I were there, but hey, you see one flying fish, you probably have seen them all. They were throwing crabs since that is what people were buying, but those things are easier to catch. It is the big long salmon flying from the iced cases up to the counter that takes your breath away.

On the way back home we got a taste of Seattle's famous traffic. It took us well over an hour to go the 35 miles to Tacoma at rush hour...once south of Tacoma we sailed down I-5. The trip north went without a hitch dispite President Dubya being in the area for a fund raiser.

Saturday and Sunday we stayed close to home and showed the local vinyards off in the Dundee area. The north mountain just out of Dundee is covered with grapes...up hill, down hill and everywhere. There are many, many wineries in our county, so we stopped in and sampled at two.

Amy and Brendon hosted Saturday evening supper (I did brots on the barbie) and the boys supplied the entertainment. Sunday, we reciprocated (Aleene did roast beef with carrots and potatoes and plenty of broccoli for the boys. Tru put on a hitting clinic in the back yard and received some expensive coaching from Lefty (Frens) on hitting while Jan gave Asher a lesson in ball rolling with toy tennis rackets. Lots of fun.

They left this morning before six...headed for Utah and then Arizona via Brice Canyon...a very picturesque place, we hear.

A great visit and a chance to see the newest grandson... one more time.

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