Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A bright sunshinie day....

Today was Asher's legal adoption day.

It started with Grammy and me walking in bright sunshine at George Fox, followed by coffee at the Cottage, then hair cut for me followed by a trip to Poggy's to get subs for lunch. We were all meeting at the park in downtown McMinnville (county seat) followed by a court date at Circuit Court of Yamhill County to get the deed done.

It clouded over a bit in the mid morning, but by park time it was 'really quite nice.' Ron and Erin had their three kids there and Heidi had her two plus Amy, Asher, Tru, Grammy and me. Lots of fun. The play area is like the park in Fennville with all the do-dads surrounded by wood mulch.

We ambled over to the courthouse and met Bren (coming from work), his mom, Jody and her two boys and Kim and her two...we had a crowd...eleven children (three of which were adoptees and had been through the process themselves.)

The Judge was late, but when he came from his chambers, he expressed his sincere pleasure in presiding over adoptions. "I see mostly the low side of society," he said. "I love to see children find homes where people love and provide for them. You all look very well loved." Gee, whiz, judge...that brings tears to the eyes what with all those kids present. He wondered if they were all cousins...while some were, the others are like cousins. Jody, Kim, and Heidi are like sisters to Amy while Erin is a sister-in-law. Really neat support group.

Just that quick it was over and we filed out past the next business of the court which were areignments...whew...those were some folks sitting out there.

Aleene dropped me off where we keep the motor home and I drove it to Newberg for fuel and to load some items for our next venture...a week at Pacific City (Thursday thru Wednesday.) Every thing checked out except we need a new faucet on the kitchen sink. My suspicion is that the water froze stripping the plastic threads. My buddy Gary (owner of the storage area and repair facility) promised to replace it tomorrow. So we should be good to go.

As we came back from McMinnville (the second time from the MH storage) we spotted Mt. Hood on the horizon. We tried for a week to show off the shaddowy mountain to Jan and Gary, but the clouds would not cooperate. Today it was at its glimmering best.

I came home and mowed the grass...it was indeed... "a bright, bright sun shiny day."

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