Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Working in the rain...

We put a roof over our deck to protect us from the sun in the summer and the rain showers that from time to time frequent us here in the NW. But we soon realized that April and May...and October and November were going to need some help, too. So we bought a gas heater to extend our use of our deck.

Here it is November 9, it is raining and I am working at the computer in pretty much the comfort of my inside spot. Pretty much. The heater kicks out 47,000 BTU, but we are wide open and the air on my back is chilly, but I am dry and my fingers are warm.

We sold the motor home, two weeks ago. It went really fast. In fact, it sold while we were in Florida. I must have priced it too low. But alas, it is no longer a worry for any reason and the insurance and rental refunds are paying for my Master Gardener training I am taking through Oregon State beginning in January. Nice.

I decided to go the MG route since I am heavily involved in the community garden at our church. Yes, I have a degree in Agriculture and I had botany, horticulture, etc. but I have not used that knowledge much and it is dated... 50 years old. So they accepted me. There is a volunteer component of 60 hours, but that'll be good to get to know others and to keep sharp on the latest. There are other MGs involved in the garden, but none quite so much as me...so I felt I was investing in our project.

As long as the rain descends and the winds remain calm. I will type here at my outdoor work station. Having fun in the rain.

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