Sunday, August 08, 2010

Enjoying a cool Sunday Morning

Not sure if I have shared the "pagoda" covering of our deck or not. Perhaps in a random picture or two when Chickie and Meg were here. But we really enjoy it. Like today: it is about 60 degrees and overcast...going for 75 today...and there is a light mist in the air. I had the wipers on when I went to the garden this morning. So, to be able to sit out here and enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the birds and squirrels chatter I find to be quite relaxing.

Aleene is cooking, as in preparing for lunch. Amy from Tacoma is here for the weekend. We have not seen her yet, but she is around...I saw her new car sitting in the drive at Amy's & Bren's yesterday. They will be over for lunch. It is always nice to see her. Recall that Amy went to Korea with Amy and before that she stayed with us when she student taught at Holland High...almost 20 years ago. Her family still lives in Brighton, know the place...where they made a ski facility out of a land fill. I get a kick out of that.

Anyway, here I sit, relaxing, enjoying the cool weather and reading about the weather turmoil in the world. Our summer has actually been cooler than normal, but I love those 80 degree days with unlimited sun. Our "pagoda" does attenuate the sun and we have a sunshade which we lower for about two hours in the afternoon on the west exposure. Mostly, we are surrounded by big trees in our back yard, so we get lots of shade during the hottest part of the day.

We are thinking about putting a gas know, one of those umbrella-like objects... out here to extend the season and to take the morning chill off. We thought about electric, but while we have an outlet on the side of the house, the deck is not wired and those ifra-red heaters are over $200 a copy. I think we would need two. So I am thinking propane similar to this one. It would take up room, but we could move it off the deck if we needed space. For the two of us...I think it would be wonderful.

Just thought you would like to know....

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