Friday, June 04, 2010

Shame on me

After visiting Duane and Margot the other night where I was reminded that I have not been blogging nearly enough, I decided to turn over yet another leaf. We will see how long this lasts.

We have had a wonderful reunion in Michigan the past ten days...first !Up North! and then in Holland area. This is the right time of year to visit Michigan...good temps, mostly sunny and plenty of green and flowers. It has been a chance to spend some good time with special people in our lives when we lived here...for 34 years. Thanks to all for your contributions.

Driving around the western edge of the state reminded us of all that is good here. While we did not see the Big Lake we were close and reminded that it is the powerful force that attracts folks to this region. We got to see the budding businesses and the hollow hulks of lost industries, too. You have to be impressed with the resiliency of the people. As we walked 8th Street last night there were loads of people out and about...enjoying the weather and the shops and eating places. There were couples outside of Warm Friend smiling and saying hello to passers by. They are blessed with a great place to walk just outside their door that is safe to trod through out the year thanks to Snow Melt. That is a real plus.

So this afternoon we head back to GRR and start flying through MSP and land at PDX late at night. Then our lives continue with baseball games, painting, gardening and all the rest that has become our new way of life. Now, if we could just get people to pronounce Oregon correctly (or at least the way we residence do) I would be happier. But that will take another trip.

OR-a-gun...repeat after me.... :-)

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Heidi Pender said...

Oh my goodness! Amy was/is SUCH a cute little girl! :)