Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few days at the Pacific Coast

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Wednesday, we packed up the camper and the car and took the boys to Pacific City... Cape Kiwanda. Aleene had several things on her check list to do, but we really felt we were at the mercy of the elements: it has been very rainy here of late.

We go to Cape Kiwanda because they have an indoor pool and if the weather is bad you can always swim in warm water. The pool is big, but sometimes there are many kids there and that takes so of the fun out of it. But on Wednesday and Thursday, the campground was virtually empty. We had the pool to ourselves. Truman is a good swimmer and Asher is learning. To get him in and not afraid was our goal. As you can see from the pictures, he had a ball.

The weather cleared on Thursday late morning in time for low tide. This was the lowest tide of the week and revealed some rocks that we do not always see in our visits to PC. Low tide reveals all the marine life that clings to rocks...enemonie, starfish, muscles in gobs and clams. The pools of water left in the rocks and crevasses are full of small fish...sculpin, baby salmon and other species, not to mention the hermit crabs. We spent about two hours there and had a ball...again as the pictures reveal.

Friday was a beautiful day, so we headed out for breakfast to a favorite spot... Hawk Creek Cafe in Nescowin. After a full...and I mean full breakfast, we drove through Lincoln City to the cut off to Drift Creek trail. It is about 12 miles up in the Coast Range on a winding, paved, single lane (with turnouts) road. It is very much like a rain forest because of its proximity to the ocean...lush, green and wet. After many twists and turns we got to the trail head where I was once again able to use my Golden Age Pass and save $5.

The trail down to the falls and the suspension bridge is about 1.5 miles on a good trail, but it was mud in spots, so it took us a while. Once again, the pictures tell the story.

When we got back to the camper I paused for a quick nap while Grammy...still fulfilling her mental list of does took the boys to the beach. I was reluctant because it was windy. But after 45 minutes of fearing what I was missing, I took Aleene a cup of hot coffee and joined them. There they were, the boys that is, covering each other in sand. They had a great got it...the pictures tell the story.

Friday evening The Parents joined us after our evening meal and all six of us slept in the camper. That included the dog, Frodo, too.

Saturday we broke camp and headed our separate ways...the family back to Neskowin for lunch and Aleene and I home in time to deposit the camper at its resting place and attend a graduation open house. Home at last.

It was a great trip...


Brendon said...

Sounds nice, but are there any pictures? ;-)

Tom said...

Sorry...I couldn't see the emoticon without my specs.

Michelle Karsten said...

Tom - your grandsons are adorable. How much fun you must be having with them!!