Saturday, February 20, 2010

More yard work

After our sewer line renewal last Thanksgiving, we wallowed around in mud most of the winter...ugh. But I discovered a secret weapon. Little did I know (but should have realized) I am married to an expert stone mason...winky, winky.

It took me a couple of weeks, in between rain delays, to dig out the path that is shown here. In went the sand, then one trip to the stone place, then another, then another until finally after four trips to get stone, sand and gravel we have the walkway usable. There still is finish work, but Aleene did a great job laying this suckers.

I thought better of taking a picture of her in know, bending over, whatever showing and hair flowing in her face, but she did the work. One project done.

We are starting another in the back yard this spring which will make our deck usable in the rain and bright summer sun. But that is another picture and story for another time...

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