Sunday, February 28, 2010

Measure for Measure

One of the baristas at Coffee Cottage, Brittany, invited us to see her in a play in Portland several weeks ago. Yesterday, on a whim, we decided to go. She warned us that this Shakespearean play, Measure for Measure, was a tawdry one. It is billed as being "all about sex." Sounded exciting.

The play was produced by a small company in Portland in what is aptly named The Shoebox Theatre. It seats about 35 around the edges...not in the round, mind you, but in a rectangle. You really have to watch or you might trip the actors.

M for M is a typical Shakespeare comedy with it's twists and turns and morality logic. It did not disappoint. Yes, I could understand it and listened closely to every word.

Brittany played four parts, but her signature role was as the personification of evil...the devil herself. They played up the temptress aspect with her high heeled boots or red shoes, fishnet stockings and top and fiery-red hair. She was truly an all-female seductress. She played a strong part...great voice and movement...very believable in all four parts. Oh, the other parts she played with a different coat or cloak about her and her hair was not as prominent. It was believable.

So, last night was spent in Portland at the theatre (not the Keller or the Schnitz) enjoying a good show and laughing with the audience.

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