Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back from Florida

We had a delightful time in the sun the past two weeks. We managed to spend time with both of Aleene's brothers, Willie and Don and their wives.

We had problems getting there since the wild weather was in L.A. and we were to change flights there. So we were delayed over night in Portland and then flew to Seattle and on to Orlando. That threw us about 12 hours late. But we recovered and allowed us to not have to take the "red eye" over night. Coming home we were right on schedule.

One picture is of the six of us on a Sunset Cruise out to the Gulf of Mexico through the Brown River in Naples. We finished that at dusk and then ate at one of the waterfront restaurants at Tin City (an indoor shopping mall of shops made out of corrugated roofing. The other picture is of the Kneram Kids somewhere in Tin City.

We did Gator Alley again and were not disappointed...many large gators. But I did not know any by name. Very impersonal creatures. Take a look here for more pictures...

The highlight, of course, was the family time in Ft. Myers over our anniversary (45) weekend. We then finished out our stay in Sebring. Dana took a vacation day and we went to Downtown Disney which is the part they do not charge you to park or enter, but over charge for food and souvenirs. But then, what else is new?

As you read this, Dana, Willie, Roberta and Don, thank you so much for making our trip memorable.

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