Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain today...

(Top: The Jordan Valley at Dead Man's Hill.
(Lower: Japanese Garden at Portland this summer)

After a couple of dry (almost) days, we have steady rain this morning. That didn't hamper the morning walk to the coffee shop, however. We got there (5 blocks away) before 7:00 which is not our usual time. We are still on Eastern time, I guess.

The foliage here is almost peak, I think. There is so much green from all the Douglas-fir and cedar that the deciduous trees do not make the impact that they do in the Mid-west. The other noticeable thing is the absence of scarlet, red and red-orange leaves. Not completely, but not as prevalent as we saw in Michigan. I mention this in case you are interested.

So we are into the fall mode...planing a trip to the coast to get refreshed at the sight and sound of the Pacific...and to the Japanese garden in Portland. We were there this summer and vowed to return in the fall to see the foliage in a different hue. It only costs $5 for seniors to walk the five acres, so I think we can manage that. We want to see the winter and spring foliage as well. It is such a peaceful place.

We are back on track with grandparenting. Ashie comes for a couple of hours today while Amy has a luncheon meeting to attend. Aleene will pick him up from school and he will be hungry.

I am preaching Sunday (lay Sunday at Newberg First) so I have been working away at that. Our Thursday morning group is a big help. We discuss the Lectionary scripture and it is helpful to get the perspective as well as have me test out my understandings.

So, a rainy day is good here...the grass is green and the leaves are yellow. Won't be long until I am raking every day.

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