Friday, June 12, 2009

Community Band

We attended the Community Band concert tonight on the campus of George Fox University. The auditorium is about five blocks from us and we were able to walk there (stopping at the rose garden for ten minutes on the way) which added to the mood of the evening.

I know what the image of Community Band conjures least for me. Well, (and this is not the first concert we have attended of this group) for comparison, I had to remind myself of Nancy's Bell Choir in Mt. Lebanon. The Newberg band is quite large and is made up of professors, students, sales reps. and a self described Domestic Engineer. The director is our choir director who spent 40 years in public school education guessed it.. Newberg's band director, now retired and teaching at GFU.

What we heard was an hour and a half of shear delight. What got me excited was their second number, Bugler's Holiday. I am sure it would be familiar to you. Sorry, I don't have a You Tube clip of it, but you would know it if you heard it. Anyway, when I was in high school band we had three trumpeters who played this number, first in concert, then for fun whenever they got together. Tonight's trumpeters were not teenagers, but bald and balding men and, oh yes, a teen girl. They were spectacular. It sounded just like I remembered it.

There were two ensembles, a brass group from the Friends Church and a clarinet trio from First United Methodist. Both groups were outstanding. The evening was filled with good symphonic band music and lots of memories.

Unfortunately, we will not be here for the summer concert on August 6. Too bad, because I will never think anything but good thoughts of Newberg's Community Band. Good job, group...and Dick.

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